5185 Latent Print Examination On-Demand Price: $275.00

This test is available only in a digital download format.

This test includes all of the hand - palms to tips - and involves the comparison of four sets of inked known/exemplar prints with 10 latent prints. Each test is unique, containing different known exemplars and questioned latent prints for comparison in each test. The randomized nature of the sample set assembly allows for each examiner to receive a test with unique answers that cannot be intercompared with other participants.

Images are transmitted via a digital download from a zip folder of digital media (.tif format, 1000 dpi resolution). Due to large file sizes, advanced photo image software may be required to open and view these images. Participants are not limited to conducting only on-screen comparisons and may employ any other method. However, because of differences in printing technology, CTS cannot guarantee the quality of images printed from the digital media.

All digital download test materials, including samples and response form, are only available on www.cts-portal.com. The information necessary to access the testing materials will be provided via e-mail to the primary contact on file on the day of the test release.

On-Demand tests purchased for the current year will be released within two business days after payment is received and processed. Tests purchased for next year will be released at the beginning of that year once payment has been received.

Results can be returned to CTS on a flexible schedule. Data may be submitted at any point until June 30 of the following year for which a test was purchased (i.e. a test purchased for year X, will have a data due date of June 30, year x + 1).

Upon submission, an Individual Report will be automatically generated and provided to the Lab Account Owner via e-mail as well as logged to the Individual Report Library.

This test is included on CTS' Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.