5901/2 Probabilistic Genotyping (2025) Price: $230.00

This test is designed for laboratories using Probabilistic Genotyping software. All sample sets will contain two known bloodstain standards and two questioned mixture stains. At least one questioned stain will be appropriate for differential testing. Participants will be asked to screen samples for body fluid(s), analyze samples for DNA using Probabilistic Genotyping software, and report statistical conclusions. Known bloodstain standards are available in a choice of substrates.

Test 5901 consists of known bloodstain standards on cloth substrates. The timing of this test allows it to be paired with several of our test offerings to meet FBI QAS test frequency requirements. Including Probabilistic Genotyping 5904 or 5905, Forensic Biology 5704 or 5705, and DNA – Sample Specific 5804 or 5805. 

The samples that comprise tests 5901 and 5902 are the same, but differ from those that comprise the tests offered in the second half of the year; 5904 and 5905.

This test is included on CTS’ Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

Samples ship first week in February. Tests 5901 and 5902 are released at the same time and reporting aspects are combined.

Enrollment deadline: 1 November 2024