573_ DNA On-Demand Casework: Blood-Semen Mixture Price: $205.00

Please contact CTS if you require a quote for a large quantity of tests.
All sample sets will contain two known bloodstain standards and two questioned stains that are pre-screened; thus, no screening data will be collected for this testing series. At least one of the questioned samples will contain a mixture of blood and semen. 
Substrate options for Known and Questioned samples are customizable during the ordering process. Select the Known substrate (FTA cards, Swab or Cloth) paired with your desired Questioned substrate (Cloth or Swab).
Test 5731 will consist of two known bloodstain standards on FTA cards and two questioned stains on Cloth substrates.
Participants may report results for STR and YSTR analyses. 
On-Demand tests purchased for the current year will be shipped within two business days after payment is received and processed. Tests purchased for next year will be shipped at the beginning of that year once payment has been received.
Results can be returned to CTS on a flexible schedule. Data may be submitted at any point until June 30 of the following year for which a test was purchased (i.e. a test purchased for year X, will have a data due date of June 30, year x + 1).
Upon submission, an Individual Report will be automatically generated and provided to the Lab Account Owner via email as well as logged to the Individual Report Library.
This test is included on CTS’ Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.