5190 Latent Print Processing - Varied Surfaces (2023) Price: $230.00

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This test offering is ideal for analysts performing latent print processing or development. It provides the opportunity for participants to perform a variety of latent print development methods on several different items of evidence. Sample sets include items of varying porosity, each divided into four labeled sections. A latent print has previously been deposited in one of the sections on each item, and participants are tasked with processing the evidence and recovering each print.
Participants will be asked to identify the section in which a latent print is recovered on each item, list their processing methods, and report any recognizable first level detail.
Samples for Tests 5190 and 5191 are different from the samples used in Test 5193.
This test is included on CTS' Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.
Samples ship in June.
Enrollment deadline: 1 November 2022