5562 Computer Hard Drive - Windows and Removable Media Analysis (2022) Price: $800.00

This test has two components - a digital download and a physical item component.
The first half of the test is identical to Test 5561 Computer Hard Drive - Windows Analysis, which is intended to assess the ability to conduct investigations on computer hard drives with a Windows operating system. The sample set for the test consists of a forensic image of a hard drive, a scripted scenario, and test questions pertaining to the contents on the hard drive. Participants must digitally download the image from the CTS portal and can use their own methods and procedures to examine the data and answer the questions.
The second half of the test allows participants to demonstrate their proficiency in evidence acquisition, extraction, and analysis of a removable storage media. An evidence sample will be shipped to the participating laboratories and participants will be asked to forensically acquire the evidence, make a forensic image, and answer test questions utilizing their laboratory's policies and procedures. 
All digital download test materials, which include the digital sample set and online data entry form, are available only on www.cts-portal.com. Instructions to access the testing materials will be provided to the primary contact on the day of test release. Removable media are shipped when digital materials are released.
This test is included on CTS' Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.
Testing materials are made available in April.
Enrollment deadline: 1 November 2021