5001 Drug Analysis (2022) Price: $190.00

Enrollment Closed

Controlled (U.S. Schedule 5 to Schedule 1) and non-controlled samples are used. Each test involves the qualitative analysis of two samples - one, both or none could be a controlled substance. Samples in Test 5001 are different from those in Test 5002.
Laboratories will be notified via email of the actual drug, quantity to be shipped, and the deadline for receiving the appropriate paperwork. Therefore, you must provide CTS with a reliable and secure email address for a contact within your laboratory who will NOT be doing the testing. CTS will then request: 1) an original import permit, if required by your country; and 2) an original signed statement from the laboratory indicating that the drug samples will be used for scientific purposes only and will not be re-exported from the country of destination. CTS cannot ship your Drug Analysis order without receiving both of those items.
This test is included on CTS' Scope of Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17043:2010.
Samples ship in April.
Enrollment deadline: 1 November 2021